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Read what our valuable clients have had to say about our excellent GripSox® product and service: 

"Hi Luke.  The patients love the sox as they like the extra grip that stops them sliding and the physios think they promote a better walking pattern as the patients have to lift their feet off the ground.  The nurses like the sox as they help the patients shift themselves up in the bed and they can get a grip when they plant their foot.....I will be recommending that GripSox® are integrated into our Falls Prevention strategy." 

T.P (Clinical Leadership Co-ordinator)



"Hi Luke, I searched for GripSox® and the words "clinically trialled in Melbourne" caught my eye- I like Australian research!  It allows me to print the "evidence" supporting the use of your socks to reinforce the importance of "evidence based practice" to clinical staff and to support the use of this type of strategy.  I prefer staff to purchase "clinically approved" versions rather than those from "sock shops" at local markets." 

K.S (Aged Care Executive)



"Hi Luke.  We continue to monitor falls data on a monthly basis and our falls continue to be lower than before we introduced GripSox®...." 

S.F (Nurse Unit Manager)



"Hi Luke.  Well, firstly what a fabulous service you provide- the 4 pairs of GripSox® were on our front door step within one day of me ordering them- well done!  We found out about your products as my husband is currently a patient in hospital and he was issued with a pair there this week.  He suffered polio many years ago and consequently he cannot wear slippers as they do not provide enough grip on the floor for him because his left leg has no strength.  When he was given a pair of your GripSox® to wear in the hospital we were so thrilled with them that I decided to purchase him some to wear at home.  What a breakthrough for him- they are so comfortable and he is delighted with them.  We congratulate you on a fantastic product!"  L.M


“Hi Luke.   A year ago, my Mom had congestive heart failure and was hospitalized.  We had to make a lot of changes for her house in order for her to stay living there – as was her wish.  She is most fearful of falling and has very painful arthritis.  I did some research on the internet and bought two pair of your socks.  Everyone thought I was crazy to spend $40 on two pair of socks….But they are WONDERFUL!   My mom wears them 24 hours a day – and has them hand washed to stay in good shape.  I just bought two more pairs for her for Christmas.  I know she will be so happy.  I want you to know that we have been promoting your socks via word of mouth.  We have told everyone we know who also has older people about these awesome socks.  Having my Mom feeling secure and diminishing the risk of falling is worth every penny – So $80 for 4 pairs of sock – a deal!  An ounce of prevention is worth everything.  Thanks a million for these socks and for helping my Mom live an independent home-life.”




 “Dear Luke.  Thank you very much for the socks for my brother. He is wearing them already and it is helping him keep balanced a bit more while walking around the house with his stick. Your donation has made a big difference for Matthew.  I know he appreciates them and so do I. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.” 




“Thank you so much Luke.  I received them in this afternoon’s post.Thank you for your prompt service.” 




“Hello Luke.  Thank you for your note.  I take exercise classes at a place that requires we wear socks.  I have bought numerous pairs of other grip socks before but they don't grip that well.  The 'grippy' part on your GripSox® covers more of the foot of the sock than others and the sock comes up a little higher on the foot which may keep it from slipping off. Thanks for your interest.” 




“Dear Luke.  I did a search looking for your type of sock.  They are easy to find in kids sizes but not for adults.  I have a friend who plays piano but also plays organ-style bass pedals along with the piano (to provide the bass line).  He can't wear shoes to do that and he finds that his foot can slip off the pedals with socks.  Anyway, your socks are working very well and they are great.  Thank you so much for your prompt service.  Much appreciated.”  




“Thanks Luke.  The GripSox® arrived promptly, excellent service.  I heard about them from my pilates instructor who I believe usually purchases them from you in bulk but did not have any in stock when I was looking to purchase. I'm sure she will be re-ordering soon.”  




“Hi Luke.  We love the socks! They have certainly reduced our falls.”

S.F (Nurse Unit Manager)



“Hi Luke.  Socks arrived yesterday thanks, we're really happy with them.  Bought them for my boyfriend who has a fractured ankle so he doesn't slip on the tiles when he's on crutches.  I'll be sure to recommend to my mates who do pilates & yoga, they may find them useful also.” 




"Dear Luke.  I have just placed an order for ten pairs of GripSox® for my grandmother, this being my third order with you guys.  My grandmother is 87 and thinks they're amazing!  She has not had a fall since she has been wearing them, having previously had three falls in a four month period.  Thanks for developing such an amazing product!" 




"Hi Luke.  I have received your GripSox®.  Used them for aqua Zumba - brilliant!  No slipping and very comfortable.  Thank you for prompt and excellent service." 




"Hi Luke.  We have had great success with the GripSox®, especially with our wandering dementia residents who are high risk fallers." 




"Hi Luke.  Wow, you are so kind and generous!  Anything to help him (my brother) improve his quality of life.  I will remember your Company and promote you whenever the chance arises.  Thank you again for your kindness." 




"Thank you Luke.  I will follow that through.  They (GripSox®) well surpass in standard any of the non slip socks which I purchased prior to finding GripSox®." 




"Hi Luke, My father has been in hospital for 3 months after he broke his hip. The GripSox® have been great for him and he loves them.  All the nurses say the socks are fantastic.  These socks are fantastic for the elderly and also for people who are unsteady on their feet.  Hope you sell lots of them!" 




"WOW!  You guys are so efficient." 

A.M (Practice Manager)



"Hi Luke, I heard about the GripSox® when my dad came out of rehabilitation recently.  The hospital he was staying in provided him with a pair and because he's very frail and wobbly on his feet, they're just fantastic for preventing him from going for a slide!"