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Media Coverage

Channel 9 News - This special news feature story (right) was aired on 30/6/10 and shows the huge success that our REDuce Falls Sox® have had in reducing the number of patient falls in hospital, specifically as part of our involvement in the clinical trial of the Ruby Red Socks falls prevention program at St Vincents & Mercy Private Hospital in Melbourne.



Luke Goodwin Interview - Listen as Luke chats with Tim Reid, host of Australia's #1 business marketing podcast Small Business, Big Marketing.



The Entrepreneur - Luke's successful business journey features in this exciting new book published by Mithra Publishing (UK).  Buy your copy now and pick up some fantastic entrepreneurial and small business tips.



26-8-14 - Luke tells his GripSox® story to Tasnuva Bindi from Startup Daily.



Falls Hospitalization - A report released by the Australian Institute of Health & Welfare has confirmed what most of us thought- that "Unintentional falls remain the number one cause of injury hospitalization in Australia."



Nitin Chhoda Interview - Luke was recently interviewed by physical therapy marketing guru, Nitin Chhoda, from the USA. Luke discusses ways in which other allied health practitioners can gain worldwide exposure with their own product.



Ruby Red Socks Falls Prevention Program - This exciting program was launched on 20 April 2010 at St Vincents & Mercy Private Hospital in Melbourne. A pilot program using GripSox® resulted in a huge reduction in falls in the hospitals, resulting in SVMP rolling out this falls prevention program throughout its entire Organization. The program was launched by Australia's first ever Winter Olympic gold medalist Steven Bradbury, who definitely knows the importance of staying on your feet!



Smart 100 Awards - On Thursday 9 April 2009, GripSox® was selected in Australian Anthill Magazine's Smart 100 Awards for Australia's most innovative products. GripSox® was ranked #36 out of 861 entrants. Thank you to all our customers who helped us achieve this award.


101 Ways To Kickstart Your Business - This new book by Herald-Sun journalist Claire Heaney is about "real people sharing real business success stories. Luke's success with his GripSox® product is listed as Way #76 - "Innovation". You can buy your copy online now through Wilkinson Publishing.



Luke Goodwin Podcast - Luke was interviewed by health & fitness guru, Craig Harper, about "dodgy back" management, business success with his worldwide GripSox® product and his newly refurbished and expanded Health & Wellness Centre.



Herald-Sun Interview - Read Luke's entrepreneurial story of how he came up with the concept for his GripSox® product and then launched it on to the market.



Bendigo Falls Prevention Day 
On 1 April 2008, GripSox™ hit the road and went to Bendigo for the special Bendigo Health Care Network's Falls Prevention Awareness Day. Luke Goodwin displayed his non slip safety grip socks which are now being used world-wide as a fantastic falls prevention aid.



Identifying an Entrepreneur: Luke Goodwin 

The following interview was conducted by Entrepreneur student James Clarke with Luke Goodwin on 2 April 2008.

James: “When did you begin developing a business plan?”

Luke: “Shortly after I came up with the idea, I commenced work on the business plan. It was an ongoing process from start to finish. I had written a basic one previously when I first set up my pilates business, but this one was a little more detailed.”

James: “Did you have a partner?”

Luke: “My wife also assists me with some decision making and day-to-day running of GripSox®.”

James: “How did you fund the business as a start up?”

Luke: “With funds that I already had in my other physiotherapy/pilates business.”

James: “What areas did you research? Competitors, demographics, psychographics, marketing etc?”

Luke: “Researched everything I could think of. Definitely looked for anyone else with that product but couldn’t find anyone here in Australia. Looked at potential markets, costs, time frames, possible problems that could arise, marketing tips, studied other business models.”

James: “When did you develop the idea of the GripSox®?”

Luke: “I think it was in early 2004 that I came up with the idea after complaints from my pilates clients that they were slipping when exercising. They said “it would be great if there were some grip sock things to prevent my feet slipping”- that was all the inspiration I needed. From that point I knew there was a market for them, as well as possible other markets."

James: “What kind of time frame did you give yourself to organize everything before jumping into the business not completely ready? Or was it a case of developing it gradually?”

Luke: “Like any entrepreneur I wanted them available NOW! Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way so through my business plan, I mapped out all the processes I needed to undertake. I guess I was looking at about 6-8 months, but it took closer to 12 months to get them to market.”

James: “Where did the concept behind the GripSox come from?”

Luke: “My pilates clients who were slipping over. As a physio, though, I always had in the back of my mind the aged care and hospital markets as a falls prevention aid.”

James: “When did you believe it was a viable idea?”

Luke: “When numerous people asked if there was such a product available and I couldn’t readily find any.”

James: “Being such a fresh innovative idea, when did you realize you needed to protect your intellectual property? What did you do? (trademark, registered names etc.)”

Luke: “This has been an ongoing thing as I continue to try to have certain things registered. The whole IP thing is a big thing to try to understand. In hindsight, although every where I read rated IP as the utmost priority, I probably could have done things better as many things (eg. Patents, designs etc.) can’t be registered after the product comes to market. Luckily though I do have certain things (e.g logo and names) registered. Domain names are also important to register early.”

James: “You studied your profession, physiotherapy, how did you take that and develop your entrepreneurial manner? Have you had business training?”

Luke: “I haven’t done a business subject in my entire life, not even at school, and in physio they don’t teach you any business skills. I guess everything I’ve learnt business-wise is from on the job training running my own businesses and reading as much as I can about business (even those unrelated to mine).”

James: “From where the business is at now are you satisfied?”

Luke: “I guess I’m somewhat satisfied, but there’s plenty more to do, which is a challenge I love. Businesses are always changing and if you don’t change with them, the rest of the pack will catch up to you.”

James: “Do you feel you want to achieve more?”

Luke: “Most definitely- always want to continue to grow the business, both here in Australia and overseas.”

James: “What is your plan for the business in the next 2-5 years?”

Luke: “I definitely want to continue to grow sales of GripSox, both here and overseas. I’m currently working hard on tapping into the aged care and hospital markets as I see these as a big opportunity in the future. I also run my Health & Wellness Centre ( which also continues to grow. My challenge now is to free up some more time to grow both businesses without having to do too much “hands-on” work “in” the business.”

James: “Have you set yourself goals and objectives?”

Luke: “I’m always setting myself goals as I need that inspiration. Sometimes I write them down to help me, but mostly I just know what they are and what I have to do to achieve them. I think sometimes many people make the mistake of complicating things. I think the KISS principle is a good one (ie. Keep It Simple Stupid!)”.

James: “What traits are needed for someone to achieve the amount of success, say that you have seen?”

Luke: “Here are my 12 traits of an Entrepreneur:"

  • Passionate
  • Motivated
  • Confident
  • Driven to succeed
  • Ambitious
  • Dedicated
  • Don't procrastinate
  • Risk-taking
  • Intuitive
  • Hard working
  • Determined
  • Positive thinking

James: “Thanks for your time Luke.”

Luke: “Thank you James and good luck.”