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Windsurfing & Sailing

GripSox® have found a place in the leisure market of windsurfing and sailing. The extra grip that the socks provide allow for improved balance on the board.

As shoes are often not practical on yachts and boats, GripSox® provide a safe, slip-free environment for both leisure makers and engineers working on the craft.


Pilates & Yoga 

It was because of the ever-growing pilates and yoga markets that Luke Goodwin decided to design his GripSox® (non slip grip socks) product. Due to regular complaints from his clients about slipping whilst exercising, Luke decided to see how he could go about resolving this problem.

After 12 months of researching, trialling and marketing his new idea, GripSox® were launched on the Australian market in July 2005.

It soon became clear that there was a big demand for pilates socks and yoga socks, with studios from all over Australia quickly ordering their own GripSox®.

Within a few months, GripSox® soon had an international presence with studios in the UK, USA, New Zealand, Europe, Asia and the Middle East joining the GripSox® boom.

Pilates and yoga participants from all over the world now enjoy the unique features of GripSox®, thus providing a far more comfortable, safer and hygienic workout with better overall performance.


Water Aerobics

If you've ever undertaken a water aerobics class, you will understand the frustration experienced when trying to walk or jog in the water when the botom of the pool has slippery tiles.

To overcome this problem, GripSox® (non slip grip socks) are now often worn by water aerobics and hydrotherapy participants so that they can get a full grip on the pool floor surface, thus improving exercise performance.

Furthermore, the use of GripSox® also provides extra safety when walking around the wet pool and changeroom areas.

Please note that the GripSox® are not chlorine resistant and will therefore wear more quickly with high frequency use in chlorinated pools.



The rapid growth in the use of trampolining as a recreational activity has seen GripSox® now used in order to prevent people from slipping whilst enjoying this exciting form of exercise.



Here at GripSox® we often receive numerous emails and telephone calls from people who have been tirelessly looking for a product like GripSox® for either themselves, a relative, or friend who has recently had falling episodes at home.

With a person's home being the number one place where falls occur, GripSox® (non slip grip socks) is the obvious choice to help eliminate some of these problems.

Be it in the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, lounge room or bedroom, their are numerous household hazards that make falls in the home such a big problem in the community.

Many people wear either no or inappropriate footwear around the house, thus increasing the risk of slipping on floor surfaces.

GripSox® can eliminate some of these problems by providing an alternative type of footwear that provides added grip, warmth, safety and increaed hygiene.


Aged Care Residents


Gripsox® is proud to be assisting aged care residences in their bid to combat the problems associated with falls.  One of the biggest causes of falls in the community is inappropriate footwear.


Many residents wear old shoes and slippers, bare feet or normal socks when walking around their residence, thus increasing their risk of having a fall.


GripSox® (non slip grip socks) is now a genuine alternative to these types of footwear and promote safer ambulation as well as maintain a more hygienic environment.



Working as a physiotherapist in Melbourne, Luke Goodwin has seen first hand the result that falls have in the community.

Apart from the pain and suffering experienced by the person involved, there are many other factors that make the resultant overall cost of falls escalate to one of the highest burdens on the community, if not the highest.

Unfortunately, hospitals are not exempt from people slipping over and falling and hurting themselves. Many patients have either no or inappropriate footwear (e.g. normal socks, poor quality shoes/slippers), thus resulting in falls taking place.

Depending on the individual's medical condition, many patients are required to wear anti-emboli stockings which can be quite slippery when worn in isolation on vinyl, tiled or wet flooring.

This can be further complicated when patients get up during the night to go to the toilet and are often disorientated in their unfamiliar surroundings. It is often during these transfers that falls occur.

Thanks to the innovation of GripSox® (non slip grip socks), many hospitals now have their patients wearing GripSox® on their feet (often over their stockings) so that they have better grip on the floor when walking around the wards, or when transferring to and from the bathroom at night.

By wearing their GripSox® as bed socks at night, patients (especially dementia clients), don't have to stop and try to find and put on their socks before walking to the bathroom.

GripSox® were used with great success in the Ruby Red Socks falls prevention clinical trial run at St Vincents & Mercy Private Hospital in Melbourne and are also used in many other falls prevention programs at numerous hospitals throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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