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What GripSox® can do for patients & staff.

The key feature of GripSox® is a "non-slip" rubberised sole to help with the gripping of variable floor surfaces, equipment and mats. Other benefits of GripSox® include:

  • Designed by Melbourne physiotherapist Luke Goodwin. 

  • Clinically trialled in Australia & New Zealand.

  • Assist Organizations to meet mandatory National Safety & Quality Health Service Standards in relation to falls prevention (Standard No. 10).

  • Improve performance.

  • Increase safety.

  • Improve hygiene.

  • Provide warmth.

  • Thick density grip dots for enhanced grip effect.

  • Grip dots will withstand high temperature laundering.

  • Allow breathability with 95% cotton (essential for exercise).

  • 5% elastane for extra stretch over swollen feet.

  • Latex free.

  • Easily worn over compression stockings.

  • Add pure comfort with a seamless toe.

  • Fitted heel to prevent the socks from rotating around the foot.

  • Non-cushioned for extra grip and foot sensation.

  • Original anklet GripSox® available in 3 different sizes (2-8, 6-11 & 11-14) in black and 4 different sizes (2-8, 6-11, 11-14 and Medical) in red which caters to individual needs as opposed to the "one size fits all" non slip socks.

  • BRAND NEW GripSox Stretch Top® socks provide extra comfort for individuals with swollen feet and ankles.

  • Specially designed red GripSox® (for increased high falls risk patient visibility to staff and carers). No more need for different coloured wrist bands!

It is not only patients who can benefit from the use of GripSox®.  All allied health staff, and in particular nurses and carers, can benefit from the knowledge that a patient to whom they are about to attend, is visibly identifiable as a high falls risk by the wearing of GripSox®.  This means staff can be better prepared in advance when assisting with patient transfers, thus resulting in fewer staff manual handling injuries from unexpected patient slips and falls.  Not only does this reduce work days lost through staff injuries, but financially speaking, a reduction in the incidence of patient falls and staff injuries can also significantly reduce an Organisation's insurance and WorkCover premiums. Click here to purchase your GripSox® online now or email us if you wish to buy in bulk and would like a wholesale price list.