GripSox Stretch Top®

These unique socks have been specially designed with an extra stretch top elastane band specifically for individuals with oedema (swelling) issues in the ankles and legs, as well as those with larger legs in general. Also suitable for diabetics who do not like a tight/restrictive sock.


Added comfort

Ideal for those clients who prefer their non-slip socks to come slightly higher above the ankle for added comfort, extra warmth and less restriction.

fit and feel

Latex free and 95% cotton for breathability with a high stretch top band and seamless toe for comfort and fitted heel to prevent sock rotation.

sizes and colours

Our GripSox Stretch Top® socks are available in either red and black in sizes Medium Size 6-11, Large Size 11-14 and Medical Size XL.

Discounted bulk wholesale pricing is also available on this product, with free shipping in Australia with select minimum order quantities.

falls prevention

Clinically Tested

One clinical trial comparing GripSox®’s standard socks and bare feet was conducted at John Fawkner Private Hospital (JFPH) in Melbourne, which showed a 73 percent reduction in patient falls.

The trial, which used the company’s REDuce Falls Sox® product as part of the hospital’s High Falls Risk Management Protocol, reduced the hospital’s falls rate from 7.15 falls per 1,000 bed days down to 1.80 falls.

The success of the trial eventuated in JFPH winning the 2010 Healthscope Service Recognition Award for Quality Improvement.

GripSox® Options


GripSox® Black Socks

Get a grip on your every day activities with our non-slip grip socks. 

REDuce Falls Socks®

The worlds leading form of independently clinically trialled non-slip grip socks.

GripSox Stretch Top®

Providing additional comfort for those individuals with swollen feet and ankles.  Colour: Black

GripSox Stretch Top®

Providing additional comfort for those individuals with swollen feet and ankles. Colour: Red


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