The Original GripSox®

GripSox® is the world’s leading brand of independently, clinically-trialled non-slip safety grip socks. Designed by Australian physiotherapist, Luke Goodwin, GripSox® has established itself as an internationally recognized brand and a leader in falls prevention in the healthcare, aged care and health & fitness markets.

Since 2005, GripSox® have been used world wide by more than 350 physiotherapy, pilates, yoga, podiatry and pharmacy businesses and over 250 hospitals and aged care residences for falls prevention. They can now assist your Organisation to meet mandatory National Safety & Quality Health Service Standards in relation to falls prevention.

Nominated in the 2009 Smart 100 Awards for Innovation

REDuce Falls Sox®

Our RED coloured GripSox® have been specifically designed to help staff visually identify people who have been assessed as a high falls risk regardless of where they are located in the hospital or aged care centre.

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GripSox Stretch Top®

These unique socks have been specially designed with an extra stretch top elastane band specifically for individuals with oedema (swelling) issues in the ankles and legs, as well as those with larger legs in general.

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Uses for GripSox®

We started making GripSox® for our pilates and yoga clients but found they had application in so many other areas – from health and fitness clubs, hospitals, aged care residences, home and the list goes on.

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The Benefits of Gripsox®

The key feature of GripSox® is a “non-slip” rubberised sole to help with the gripping of variable floor surfaces, equipment and mats. Clinically trialed in Australia & New Zealand there are many benefits to our GripSox®.

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GripSox® Options


GripSox® Black Socks

Get a grip on your every day activities with our non-slip grip socks. 

REDuce Falls Socks®

The worlds leading form of independently clinically trialled non-slip grip socks.

GripSox Stretch Top®

Providing additional comfort for those individuals with swollen feet and ankles.  Colour: Black

GripSox Stretch Top®

Providing additional comfort for those individuals with swollen feet and ankles. Colour: Red


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